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Talethia Weekley

Miss weekley has achieved excellence in over 19 years of legal experience.

Experience You Can Trust

Miss Weekley has handled numerous misdemeanor criminal charges and civic infractions including DUI, petty theft, assault, battery, drug possession, domestic violence, and other offenses. As a criminal defense attorney, Miss. Weekley has put this experience to work for her clients.

The Law Office of Talethia R. Weekley is located in Ware County, Georgia and is perfectly and centrally situated to most Southern Georgia court locations.

Stellar Reputation

Miss Weekley enjoys a reputation as a skilled and formidable trial lawyer. She is respected by her colleagues at the Ware County district attorney's office, the judges before whom she appears, defense attorneys, and law enforcement. She also enjoys a reputation for integrity that is unsurpassed in the community.

Talethia R. Weekley is committed to her clients; she has chosen a client-directed practice allowing her to focus personally on the individual needs of each of her clients. She listens to your needs and works directly with you to gain the best possible outcome in your case. Telephone calls are returned promptly, unless Miss Weekley is in trial – calls will then be returned by the end of the day. You will appreciate this focus and intensity if she happens to be in trial on your case.

When it comes to your freedom and your future, you deserve the very best representation. Let Miss Weekleys' reputation and contacts in the community work to your benefit.


Memberships & Affiliations

  • Georgia State Bar Association
  • Ware County Bar Association

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